Buy used trucks within Europe

Do you want to export a truck or other vehicle to a country within Europe? On this page you can read what is important when purchasing.

Purchase/ payment

Only when payment has been received, the purchase is finalized. It may take a few days before your payment is actually received by us. This is different per country and bank. After the money is received on the bank account of JB Trading, the settlement is started.

Picking up the truck

The truck is delivered as discussed at the sale. This can be, for example, with delivery maintenance. Do you pick up the truck yourself? Then these are important points of attention:

Valid license plates

Valid license plates are mandatory. If the license plates are not valid, we can arrange temporary Austrian license plates if necessary. You can also bring your own license plates.


If you go on the public roads with your truck, the truck must be insured. You can choose to arrange this yourself. Do you prefer that we arrange the insurance? In many cases we can do that for you! Just let us know and we will work it out for you.


Do you want to have your truck transported? No problem. You can also arrange for transport yourself. Or ask us about the possibilities to arrange the transport for you. No insurance is required for transport.

Required documents

  • Data Chamber of Commerce
  • Identification
  • Invoice data
  • VAT number

You will receive these forms

  • Invoice
  • Registration Certificate
  • CMR (transport form)

You will sign these forms

  • Issue Registration Certificate
  • Copy of invoice
  • Transport declaration
  • CMR (transport form)

And in case this is discussed

  • A checked vehicle
  • Insurance
  • License plates