Buy used trucks in the Netherlands

Do you want to buy a truck or vehicle for use in the Netherlands? On this page you can read all about important matter regarding the purchase.  

Purchase/ payment

Only when payment has been received, the purchase is finalized. The settlement is started as soon as the payment is received.

Picking up the truck

JB Trading ensures that the truck is transferred to your name. You only have to take out the insurance yourself. This is mandatory if you go public with your purchase.


Do you want to have your truck transported? No problem. You can also arrange for transport yourself or ask us about the possibilities to arrange the transport for you. No insurance is required for transportation purposes.

Important documents

We need these documents to transfer the truck to your name.

  • Data Chamber of Commerce
  • Identification
  • Invoice data

You will receive these forms

  • Invoice
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Registration Code

You will sign these forms

  • Issue Registration Certificate
  • Copy of invoice
  • CMR (transport form)

And in case this is discussed

  • A checked vehicle
  • Insurance