Buy used trucks outside of Europe

Do you want to buy a truck or other vehicle and is it exported outside of Europe? On this page you can read all about important matter regarding the purchase.

Purchase/ payment

Only when payment has been received, the purchase is finalized. It may take a few days before your payment is actually received by us. This varies per country and bank. After the money is received on the bank account of JB Trading, the settlement is started.

Picking up the truck

The truck is delivered as discussed at the sale. This can be, for example, with delivery maintenance. Do you pick up the truck yourself? Then these are important points of attention:

Valid license plates

Valid license plates are mandatory. If the license plates are not valid, we can possibly arrange temporary Austrian license plates for you. You can also bring your own license plates.


If you go on the public roads with your truck, the truck must be insured. You can choose to arrange this yourself. Do you prefer that we arrange the insurance? In many cases we can do that for you! Just let us know and we will work it out.

Export document

Are you driving the truck to a country outside of Europe? Then you need an export document. You will receive this from us after purchasing the truck. It is important that we know at what border you expect to leave Europe. At that national border you have this document electronically signed off. It proves that the truck is no longer in Europe.


Do you want to have your truck transported? No problem. You can also arrange for transport yourself or ask us about the possibilities to arrange the transport for you. No insurance is required for transportation purposes.

We know of reliable parties who ensure that your truck is transported and shipped to the port of your choice.

If you want to ship your truck, a reservation will first be made at the shipping company. You can arrange for transport yourself or ask us about the possibilities to do it for you. As soon as the payment is received, the truck is transported to the port. In some cases, your truck may already be on the road the next day.

As soon as the ship is on the way, you will receive a Bill of Lading. It is usually received by mail. This is an important document, because it shows that you are the owner in the port of arrival.

Required documents

  • Identification
  • Invoice data

You will receive these forms (transport by road)

  • Invoice
  • Registration Certificate
  • CMR (transport form)
  • Export document

You will receive these forms (shipping)

  • Invoice
  • Registration Certificate

You will sign these forms

  • Issue Registration Certificate
  • Copy of invoice
  • CMR (transport form)*

These documents are being sent

  • Bill of Lading (when shipping)
  • Shipping info (when shipping)

* When shipping, the CMR is signed by the port authorities instead of the customer